A Guide To Wearing Kasper Suits With Earrings

A Guide To Wearing Kasper Suits With Earrings

Earrings are an accessory that seems to be a necessity for many women, especially if you are wearing Kasper suits. But don’t think that just because you have to dress up formally for business, that it is an absolute necessity to wear earrings as well. In fact, many women get by without any type of piercing at all and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything whether you have a nice pair of earrings or not.

Kasper suits go well with just about any earrings.

A small note about earrings in general, and piercings in particular, there are many businesses where having piercings in other parts of your ear apart from the lobes, nose rings, eyebrow rings, lip rings and so on might be considered unprofessional. Make sure you follow your business culture and code before you make any choices to decorate parts of your face with rings and studs in general.

That being said, there’s nothing saying you cannot wear any type of earring or piercing with your Kasper suits.

The choice is completely up to you!

Different types of earrings for your ear lobes

You can wear a variety of earrings for your ear lobes when you are wearing your Kasper suits. Whichever type you pick will go well with many different suits. There are simple rings that can be placed in your ear lobe, made from silver gold, or other precious metals. You can also choose to get studs or small gems, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or even semi precious gems such as topazes, amber and a variety of other types.

If you would like to have earrings that are slightly bigger, these also go very well with Kasper suits of all varieties. You can have many different designs and symbols. Generally though, you want to pick something that is lightweight so it does not feel too heavy during the day as you are walking around. You might want to avoid wearing religious symbols in the workplace though, as many companies prohibit this sort of thing to maintain cohesion and unity and keep the place secular. Check your dress code before you buy the earrings you would like to wear with your Kasper suits.

Piercings and nose rings

Some women really like to wear earrings and studs in other parts of their faces. For instance, you can have small, cute studs on one nostril. These are usually decorated with a small precious or semi precious stone, and a good way to select the color that you will use is to match it with the Kasper suits that you are going to be wearing. For instance, a navy blue Kasper suit goes really well with sapphires, whereas a white or black one goes very well with emeralds instead.

If you would like to get studs or rings on your lips, then this is a possibility as well. Kasper suits look good with just about any sort of body art, but keep in mind that it again depends on your office culture and dress code.

Picking the right type of metal for your earrings

When you are choosing a set of earrings to go with your Kasper suits, then keep in mind that you will need to pick a metal that goes well with what you are wearing. Sadly, there are some people who are allergic to some types of metal and they can break out in a rash from silver, gold or any other type of metal that sets them off. You will have to avoid this type of earring in that case, but you can always make do. For instance, if you are allergic to silver, but not platinum and gold, you can still get that elegant and classy silver look by wearing gold-platinum alloy earrings with your Kasper suits.

The best choice for any type of earring if it’s to be made of silver, if this is an option for you, is to make sure that you are buying sterling silver. This type of silver is the most durable and will not change color over time as it oxidizes. There’s nothing worse than seeing a blacked silver earring in someone’s ear — it takes away all the elegance and charm that the Kasper suits they are wearing present.